Cape May Yoga

Our classes are designed to be accessible for all levels of yoga experience. some may move at a quicker pace while others build strength and challenge the body more slowly. below are some descriptions so you may choose what is best for you!

Slow Flow - mixing Hatha and Vinyasa styles as we blend mindful movement with the breath along with briefly holding postures to gain strength and flexibility. All Levels

Strong Flow - Quiet the mind as you move with your breath in this heat building Vinyasa flow.  Expect continuous movement, incorporating sun salutations as well strengthening poses.  Some challenging balancing postures as well as inversions are sometimes offered for those who look to take their practice to the next level.  Some knowledge of basic yoga poses is suggested. All Levels/intermediate

Yoga Basics - move at a slower, more gentle pace with a focus on alignment. This class is great for beginners or those seeking to refine their practice and get back to the basics!All Levels/beginner

Beach Yoga - Take your practice outside as we mix movement, meditation, sun, sea and salty air! Great for  those seeking a more gentle practice! Bring a towel and water! Classes are weather permitting and meet 10 minutes prior at the studio, then walk down to the beach together.  don't forget your sunblock! All Levels

Yoga Bootcamp - 45 minute class starting with sun salutations to warm up the body then combining yoga strengthening poses, pilates and dynamic movement along with the use of light weights to build strength and burn fat in this quick butt-kicking exercise! All Levels

Gentle Yoga- Hatha style class thats great for beginners or those seeking a slower, softer, more gentle style. The use of props will assist through our practice as well as to allow you to melt into your mat in a longer, relaxing savasana! Beginner/All Levels

Yoga and Wine - a fun community building class that is our slow flow class followed by an opportunity to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine

with your instructor and fellow students!

Kick Your Asana - This Power Yoga class is a fitness based vinyasa style! Build strength with plank and tone up your core for those seeking a work out as well as a "work in" ! A 60min class with some fun tunes that will fly by in an instant leaving you feeling lean and strong!All Levels